About Us

We are all about elevated swimwear, resortwear and sunglasses that are detail-oriented, high-quality and sustainable.


We've got the tropics in our blood. The story of WOAHCO began with our founder, Ana Maria Velez, who grew up in Colombia. She reminisces about her childhood, in which beach trips and pool days were a routine part of life, and bikinis were always a must-have item of clothing. Ana Maria learned the significance of hard work and resourcefulness while working as a marketing executive at various companies before founding her own company. These values inspired her to turn her love of high-quality products and tropical beach lifestyle into a reality at WOAHCO when she moved to the East Coast.

At WOAHCO we believe that a day on the beach should be spent in style, which means looking good and feeling great, we believe in the power of self expession. We strive to create unique experiences that are both enjoyable and inspire people to think differently about how they would like their lives to look like. We want our customers to feel good about themselves and their purchases.

That is why, the three core values underpinning WOAHCO's mission are sustainability, quality, and detail.  We select high-quality crafted products, so they will last you through seasons of sunbathing and swimming in the sea or pool! We also select products that practice zero-waste manufacturing methods to maintain our planet as healthy and happy.

Our products details is not just something we talk about, but something we live by. Each item we sell is carefully handcrafted, from the tiniest buttonhole to the biggest design element. We take pride in our selection of Colombian products inspired by the natural beauty of the Tropics, which focuses on fits, colors, and patterns. We don't think there is anything better than feeling confident in what you wear.

LET’S KEEP IN TOUCH! Look out for our latest collections and announcements on social media, tag @woahco_ for a chance to be featured, or contact us directly if you'd like a real person to respond.